Unlimited Email Accounts


Dreamhost allows for unlimited number of email accounts but it seems to only be if we use Dreamhost mail and not Google hosted mail. The Google Apps mail says each domain is limited to 50. Is this correct? I couldn’t find anything in the wiki that mentions if the Google limit is incorrect when used with Dreamhost.

Also, how would I go about switching from Google hosted mail to Dreamhosted mail?


Google is independent from DreamHost, so that limit of 50 still applies. DreamHost just simplifies the setup for you to use Gmail.

To go back to DreamHost mail, go to the Panel for Domains -> Manage Domains and click Edit for your domain. Go to the bottom of your Fully Hosted settings box and uncheck the Gmail box then click the Change Settings button.



Go to [color=#00CC00]Panel > Mail > Custom MX / Gmail[/color]

  • Click [color=#0000CC]Edit[/color] next to the domain in question

  • Click the [color=#0000CC]Make me regular now![/color] button

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When I switch to the Dreamhost email will I need to recreate the email addresses? I know the mail doesn’t transfer over but not sure on the users.


Yes you will. But, before you leave google, I should point this out.

Do you have more than 50 users? Or do you just have more than 50 email addresses?

I only ask because, let’s say you have 25 USERS of your email system. 10 mailing lists, and 20 vanity email addresses. That would put you over the “50” count, however with gmail the mailing lists and vanity email’s do not count against the 50 user mark.

In the user control panel, you can create “Groups” or mailing lists, that doesn’t count against your USER count, and lets say 1 user has 3 functions

John Doe
etc etc etc

In John’s user account, you can setup “Nicknames”.

So if John loges in as ‘jdoe’ you can setup a nickname or an alias for the other email addresses that John would use. In the example above there are 3 email addresses, however it’s only 1 user against your 50 user count.

And, inside gmail, you can arrange it so John can send email AS “Administrator (admin@example.com)” or whatever.

I hope this helps.

Google is an amazing tool, and I’d hate to see someone shy away from it because they only limit you to 50 (free) user accounts…