Unlimited Domains

I am looking for a hosting package for my personal website, and got to dreamhost somehow. After looking at the Crazy Domain Insane! package details, I don’t know whether they mean what I think they mean i.e.
Domains Hosted Unlimited
Subdomains Hosted Unlimited
Domains Forwarded/Mirrored Unlimited

Does this means if I buy this hosting package, can I have unlimited websites with different domain names hosted in this single account and the price will remain the same aswell? also would I have to register each domain with dreamhost or it can be from anywhere because dreamhost does not have .co.uk domains?

I also don’t quite understand the notion of subdomains couple of examples would be appreciated. I was thinking these meant to be something like gallery.mydomain.com etc. but do I need to pay more for these types of domains i.e. forum.mydomain.com, blog.mydomain.com etc.

I would really appreciate if someone could answer my queries.

Basically, what they mean by “unlimited domains” is that they don’t care how many domain names you point at dreamhost. However, you will have to pay for the registration for each additional domain past your first (unless you use one of the new promo codes).

You don’t have to register your name with dreamhost, and subdomains don’t cost extra.

Does that make sense?

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If you own yourdomain.com (or .co.uk)
you can host unlimited subdomains (www, gallery, sub.sub etc…)

You can’t register .co.uk at dreamhost, but you can host it.

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You can register your domains anywhere you want, just have the registrar point the nameservers at ns1.dreamhost.com, ns2.dreamhost.com and ns3.dreamhost.com. I do this with a few domains I registered with another provider.

When you register the domain mydomain.com, this gives you the right to all subdomains of mydomain.com. You can create as many of those as you want.

Some other hosting providers limit the numbers of domains or subdomains you host with them on a given plan, but Dreamhost will host unlimited numbers of these for you for the same price.

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Thanks a lot for the quick responses, it all makes sense now. It’s seems a bit surprising, I have not met any hosting company that provides such heavy features for so little, I mean the disk space, bandwidth etc.

One more thing, if i use these promo codes would there be any restrictions gets applied to my account or will it be as same as if I have not used them!

An account created with a promo-code has no restrictions or limitations, regarding features or performance, when compared to an account created without a promo-code.

About the only ‘restriction’ I can think of concerns transferring domains from one promo-code account to another promo-code account. This is to prevent people scamming the promo-code system.

Note: The promo-code discount only applies to your initial purchase, when your plan comes up for renewal, you will need to pay the full plan price if you wish to stay at DreamHost.

Also, the 97 day money back guarantee only applies to payments made by credit-card or Google Checkout and the refund you receive would be minus $9.95 to cover the initial ‘free’ domain registration, assuming you registered a domain during the sign-up procedure.


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If I’m not wrong, you will have 200GB starting server space if you use a promo code to sign up.

Am I day-dreaming?

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I believe you are correct, sign-ups using a promo code will receive the ‘old’ space/bandwidth quota of 200GByte/2TByte (plus any promo-code feature bonuses :wink: ).

At least this was the case up until the recent promo-code changes, I have not yet confirmed with DreamHost that this is still the case.


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Perhaps you can try out the newly-created promo codes which gives you extra disk space, bandwidth, unique ip and domains. Take note of the unique ip that comes with some of these promo codes cause it is offered at a much lower cost compared to buying one after you sign-up. That may come in useful if you need to host multiple website and you do not wish to share the same ip. I have created a few which you can check out below.

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There are a couple of valid reasons for wanting a unique IP address here at DreamHost, but not wanting to share an IP address between your websites is not one of them. If you check the domains you have hosted here at DreamHost, you will find most will have different IP addresses allocated to them. In-fact, even sub-domains will likely end up on different IP addresses to their parent domains.


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This is one of Dreamhost’s biggest advantages in my opinion. :slight_smile:

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if the hosting was reliable it would be a great advantage.

On the other hand, if subdomains always shared the IP address of the parent domain, you could use wildcard SSL certificates to secure multiple sites with a single IP address.

If all domains on an account shared a single IP address you could use your own certificate for any domain on your account if you don’t mind the hostname mismatch warning.

If you want useful replies, ask smart questions.

Just curious to know about a couple of more things. Firstly, does DH support SSL (https) for the Crazy Insane Domain hosting package? As mentioned that almost all the domain names at DH usually get a Uniwue IP address, then what is the point of having extra Unique Ip addresses as bonus rather than other bonuses?

Would it be at all possible to include SSL in this package, as the Business plan is way too much expensive for me?

Oh yes, one more thing to ask, If I use these promo codes, and get say 3 bonus domains. Do I need to register them right at the time of registring the hosting packgae, or can I register them whenever I want? Ofcourse I will register the first domain(free with the original package) together with the package.

Actually, the domains tend to have different IP addresses, but they are not unique and are in fact shared - just with other people rather than other domains you are hosting. You would need to purchase the unique IP address feature for $3.95 a month or use a promo code that offers a free unique IP address.

An SSL certificate is not offered as part of any promotional package. You don’t have to have the Business plan, you just have to get a unique IP address and buy your own cert. If you look around, you might be able to find one for as little as $20 a year. Though I’m no expert on certs, that seems an unbelievably low price.

The way the free domains work is that your account gets marked every year for N free domain registrations. As you renew or add a domain, you use them up. When I signed up for DreamHost, I didn’t even register my first domain because I transferred a domain in. When I registered a domain it used up my one free domain registration. I will be able to renew it every year for free.

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Lensman has answered all your questions.

I just want to add one point. From my understanding, the unique IP address means you will be assigned a permanent IP address. The IP address does not change.

However, for the rest, although they are assigned a different IP address, they may be changed sometime.

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Actually, the unique IP address you purchase can change, it is ‘unique’ in that only one domain will be allocated that IP address.

In reality, a unique IP address is unlikely to change very often (if at all), but the possibility for change does exist, so it would be wise to keep an eye on it.

More information can be found in the wiki article linked below…



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