Unlimited domains



I’ve had a Dreamhost acct for about 5 months and have 2 domains on it. I’m ready to register another one and want to make sure I understand how it works.

What exactly does it mean to have unlimited domains on an acct? When my year is up, do I pay a separate monthly (or yearly) fee for each domain or does that mean one hosting fee covers all the domains I have on the acct?

Any help would be appreciated.




It just means you can host as many domains as you want–but you still have to pay for them, other than the one free one that comes with your account.

If you register it here, it would be $9.95/year for the registration.

You can register the domains where ever you want and just point the nameservers here. I have domains hosted here that are registered at Dreamhost, Godaddy, Yahoo, Namecheap, Registerfly, Directi, Name.com, etc…

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Thanks for your reply, but I guess I didn’t make myself clear. I know I have to pay to register each domain.

It’s the hosting I’m asking about. Does each domain require a separate hosting fee; i.e. 3 domains = $9.95/mo or 3X$9.95/mo?




Domain registration and domain hosting are two different things. With a Dreamhost plan, you get one free registration, and unlimited domain hosting.

If you register domains through Dreamhost, each one costs $9.95 per year. Irrespective of where you register domains, you can host as many of them as you want on Dreamhost for the single “plan” fee you have selected (monthly, yearly, 2-year, etc.) There is no additional charge for hosting any number of additional domains at Dreamhost. Woo Hoo! :slight_smile:



Thanks! That’s what I needed to know.