Unlimited domains?


I’m going to change my host services and sure Dreamhost looks yummy. I have been reading the forums here though and saw that right now, it has quite a problem with the transfer rates so, I hit the breaks for a while.

Anyways… the real reason I’m posting this is: I read on plan features that we can have unilimited DOMAINS.

I’m sorry if this a noob question but: What does that really mean? That I can have more than one domain (not sub-domains) hosted on one unique hosting plan?

Like www.blahblah.com AND www.patatipatata.com but both under unique plan?

Thanks in advance.

P.S. - what about the Promo Code? Isn’t working yet? I tried today (3/24) and nothing…


Yes, you can host unlimted domains, I currently have 6 domains tied to my account, some domains are hosted by Dreamhost, and some are hosted with other domain registrars.

As for the promo codes, keep trying, there appears to be a problem with the server that looks after promo codes, as for when this will be fixed is anyone’s guess.

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Promo codes appear to be functioning again, but there can be a longish delay when clicking the UPDATE button after entering the promo code.

Having said this; In my opinion, it might be a good idea to wait a while before signing up.

The recent reports of slowdowns across the DreamHost network are worrying. I personally am not seeing a dramatic slowdown on my sites, but there are enough reports from others to know that there is a very real problem at present.

I have no doubt that DreamHost will (sooner or later) take the required steps to rectify these problems and things will return to normal.


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There is a difference between where you register a domaina and where it actually is hosted. Someone posted above that they host their domains elsewhere but I think they meant “registered” elsewhere.

re the original question yes you can have more than one domain under any plan. When you first sign up, you are also entitled to one free domain registration. If you don’t need it (e.g. because you are using an existing domain name), then DH keeps this as a “credit” in such a way that later on you can add a new domain without cost. Additional domains can be added at no cost, other than the cost to register the domain name (at DH or elsewhere).

This policy is the same for all DH plans.

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Thanks for the correction bygodaddy, I should have said the domains were registered elsewhere, but the hosting for them is at Dreamhost.

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(obs.: This is the original poster, just registered on the forums. thanks for the replies btw)

[quote]I have no doubt that DreamHost will (sooner or later) take the required steps to rectify these problems and things will return to normal.
Yes, that would be the normal but it’s still worrying anyways and how many time that would take?

Thats nice! I realized one thing though: I have a couple of [color=#CC0000].CA[/color] domains that can’t be transfered to DH nameservers. Is there a good solution (reliable, simple&no cost) withouth an unique/dedicated IP add or an external payed DNS service?