Unknown process, too many of my own

This is weird, I tried to run a normal shell program and got the following:

(I was running MAN)

The strange thing is I’ve never heard of some of these listed applications before (these are not run by other processes that are mine)
whole process list looks like this:

[code] 8 bash
4 sh

  • 2 zsoelim
  • 2 troff
  • 2 tbl
    2 sort
    2 screen
  • 2 pager
  • 2 nroff
    2 man
  • 2 grotty
  • 2 groff
    1 ps
    1 awk
    1 CMD
    [/code]Process marked with asterisk are not initiated by me…
    groff,grotty,troff,nroff …are all supposed to be text-processing programs/drivers, but why are they running under my user?

help needed and appreciated

Are you on a PS? What command did you use to get that process list? And you used a plain ol’ man command, or did you pipe it to another command?


I just piped the usual process list to AWK and his friends , this is what I did:

ps -u MYUSERNAME|awk '{print $4}'|sort|uniq -c|sort -nrBut it doesn’t (and shouldn’t) matter if I type ps -u MYUSERNAME or ps aux… no difference.

Initially I just typed ‘man screen’, but the ‘running too many processes’ error is persistent, and I still see those mentioned processes (the issue is mainly about grotty/groff, because these are the ones killed when the error occurs)

All those other commands are kicked off by man. You’re not doing anything out of the ordinary, so I suggest that you submit a ticket to Support. Hopefully they can see why you’re getting the “too many processes” warning.


will do that.
thanks, Scott.