Unknown MySQL server host

Im trying to install Znews and when i get to the db_include file i change everything correctly but i get an error

Warning: mysql_connect(): Unknown MySQL server host ‘.bigpanda.info’ (3) in /home/.pancha/bigpanda/bigpanda.info/znews/db_include.php on line 6
error connection to sql

Im using the database counter1.bigpanda.info and my domain is bigpanda.info(go figure)

your server host needs to be counter1.bigpanda.info

Also, you should look into getting rid of that /.pancha/ in your URL. That refers to the ‘data-glob’ you’re on. You site will work perfectly without it, and should you be moved to a new server, this part of your site will break.

Often in a settigns or configuration page you’ll find this value - it’s somehting the software has tried to determine for it self - finding it’s working directory in relation to the server.


Thanks for the response
Sry that was me didnt relize we could register.
Well i tried agan and it still gives me the same error so i have a ss of my configeration for you.
http://bigpanda.info/ss.jpg sry if its big

Odd, everyting looks right to me… What is the information on line 6 that you blocked out? uhh, don’t tell me specifically what it says, but is that the user/pass repeted, or something else?


Yeah its just the user name and password in that order repeated.

You’re still getting the error unknown mysql server host?

This is a script that’s running on your server, correct?

also, are you sure you have the name of the database correct? I check the mysql host name and it prompts for a user/pass so that seems to be right, but I’m wondering if by chance the db name is wrong…

Anybody else have a bright idea… I’m all out.


I think you don’t have to edit line 6 to add in your username and password. Try leaving it as it originally was.

e.g. $connection = mysql_connect("$db_host","$db_user","$db_password") or die (“error connection to sql”);

Hey thanks that what did it. I guess i wasnt suppsed to change 6th line. been a while since i learned php.
Thanks for all the help guys i really appriciate it.