Unix to Dos

One of my users has started editing her website - with Notepad, no less!

Unfortunately whatever ftp program she is using downloads in Unix mode so what she gets is one long line without line breaks.

Is there an ftp program she could use that could be set to ‘Unix’ or ‘Dos’ so she gets CR instead of NL?


Filezilla is a free FTP client offering transfer in Auto, Binary or ASCII. You can download it at: www.filezilla-project.org

Hi Killerdesigner,

Thanks for that - I shall get her to try Filezilla and see if it helps.


Looks like Filezilla didn’t quite solve the problem because it is not a matter of downloading ascii or binary but Notepad not recognizing Line Feed normally used on Unix systems.

The solution appears to be to install Notepad++. More details at


UltraEdit is another text editor that will deal with the various line break conventions of different systems.

However, downloading a text file in ASCII mode from a Unix/Linux to a DOS/Windows system is supposed to convert the line breaks properly for the destination system.

I agree with Dan on ASCII mode… in fact that is exactly the point of ASCII mode…

Another free FTP client that i like to use is WinSCP. One of the two reasons I like it, is the fact you can right-click a file in the server pane and select edit. This causes the file to be downloaded from the server, it then opens in a notepad like editor. After you make your changes, exiting the edit window causes the file to be uploaded back to the server.

The second feature that I really like is the ability to synch the server “folder” into a windows folder (i.e. backing up after making those one off edits above).

Thanks, I appreciate the helpful comments.

Only problem is that the user is something of a noob and she is equally likely to up/download image files in ascii. But once I persuade her to install Filezilla or WinSCP (never heard of that one before) instead of whatever she is using now I’ll be in a better position to determine if it works.

On the other hand I am very proud of converting her from a pirated version of Dreamweaver to Notepad :slight_smile:

I don’t run Windows so have no idea of what works under that o/s.


You should tell her to download notepad++ much better than the notepad that comes with windows and it also has its own ftp function. That way she can edit her files and upload all in one program :slight_smile: http://notepad-plus-plus.org/download and also Editpad is good (I use the pro version but lite is good for text editing) http://www.editpadlite.com/

Happy to report she has downloaded Notepad++. I guess she’ll soon download the ftp plugin as well. To quote her:

“it seems to work and IT IS FANTASTIC! have the lines numbered!!”

Thanks for all your help.


The ftp plug-in is one of the default ones that comes with the install. She just has to go to the top of the program to Plugins->NppFTP->Show NppFTP window. Also she can just click the icon, its the one right before the spellcheck icon at the end.