UNIX timestamp conversion

I’ve been pulling dated records in Unix Timestamp format from a MySQL database with Perl for charting:
$SQLstatement = qq {Select UNIX_Timestamp(Date), Steelhead From tblProssercuryr
WHERE date > "2005-08-28"
and date < "2006-01-01"
and Steelhead IS NOT NULL
order by Date };

Setting up the chart axes uses a method (from ChartDirector 4.0) that takes the dates in the UNIX timestamp format:
$c->xAxis()->setDateScale(perlchartdir::chartTime2(1125302400), perlchartdir::chartTime2(1136102400), 7 * 86400);

I’m having trouble getting the correct timestamp calculated for the dates I need. Is there any utilities out there that help convert date to UNIX timestamp? Is there a construction that would let me embed this function right in the xAxis line?

There may be an easier way, but this looks promising:
(specifically, DateTime::Format::Epoch::UNIX)

It doesn’t seem to be installed, but you could request it.

How about http://aspn.activestate.com/ASPN/docs/ActivePerl/5.8/lib/Time/Local.html

:cool: Perl / MySQL / HTML+CSS

That seems to work. I can embed the call to timelocal right in the call to chartTime2 so I can specify that I want the x-axis to start on Aug. 29, 2005 much easier than figuring out for myself what the UNIX timestamp of that date would be, like the second chartTime2 in this line:

$c->xAxis()->setDateScale(perlchartdir::chartTime2(timelocal_nocheck 0,0,0,29,7,05), perlchartdir::chartTime2(1136102400), 7 * 86400);

See the completed chart at http://ykfp.org/ChartDirector/perldemo_cgi/dbprossersthd4.pl

Step by step, Atropos7 is making me a perl programmer. Thanks.

It turns out I’m doing this the hard way, imbedding reversals inside of reversals. In the ChartDirector Perl library, the original function chartTime takes the time arguments as year, month,day, [h, n, s], while I was fixated on making the function chartTime2 work for me, when chartTime2 is the only one that takes UNIX Timestamp dates. Now I can simplify the line as:

$c->xAxis()->setDateScale(perlchartdir::chartTime(2005, 8, 28), perlchartdir::chartTime(2005, 12,31), 7 * 86400);