Unix Groups

I have a ton of sites (150 or so) and most of the are setup as FTP only users which has worked out perfect in the past.
Now I want to have 1 “admin” ssh account that has read/write access to all the others. I defined the group in the web panel and read this wiki http://wiki.dreamhost.com/Unix_Groups#Sharing_Files_between_Groups
First question is about feasability:
If I chgrp -R p2padmin /home/user/directory
will cgi scripts still run? (wiki has a warning)
If not then how do I add the p2padmin group for read write access and still keep cgi functionality?

Second question is for time saving:
Am I going to have to switch each user from FTP only to SSH then ssh in run the chgrp command, log out, switch back to FTP only?
Or is there an easier way that I can do this?

I’ve done that on several domains and users. It worked fine.
Dont know about the CGI’s.

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