Universal Keyword Filters

I’m in the process of setting up keyword filters for all the email addresses at my domain. There’s a list of around 40 keyword filters I’d like applied to every address, but there’s got to be an easy way of doing it. There’s too many addresses for me to enter them one by one. I don’t want to turn on any sort of spam filter because we do receive quite a bit of valid commercial email. However, words that I’m trying to block are of the sexual nature and are totally unrelated to business. Is there a way to set a “universal” keyword filter for my domain?

The keyword filters are applied to a mailbox so all of the addresses pointing to that mailbox will be affected. If each of the addresses have their own separate mailboxes then you will have to set up the filters on each one.

I would definitely recommend using the junkmail filter instead, though. It is smart enough to not catch most legitimate commercial email. Trying to keep up with spammers using keywords will most likely make you crazy eventually.

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