Unique visitors



When i check statistics in the stats area, all i can see are the “requests” stats. Is it possible to view unique and raw visitors by day/month/year … instead of file requests ?



download and install Awstats, it will give you more detailed statistics.

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There’s an article in the wiki that will guide you through the process of installing awstats.

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cool ill check that out


To save you a little searching time, here is a link to the Wiki article on installing AWStats.

Also, you might want to check out TraceWatch, which is a PHP based real-time stats package. It does require you to add a line of PHP to each page you wish to monitor. I use it on some of my sites and find it extremely useful.


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I installed awstats and it works, but i can’t get it to update.
i set AllowToUpdateStatsFromBrowser=1 in my config file, which normally should make button on the stats page to do updates manually. But it is not there.
Any help?



still can only update manually via command prompt.


Which version of the installation did you run, out of curiosity? The Wiki has two different sets of installation instructions posted. I installed both of them. The first version would not let me update the stats page from within it. The second version did. I imagine that the difference lies in the fact that on the first version, you are actually viewing a page generated by the program. In the second version, you are viewing the program itself.