Unique IPs and IRC

Greetings dreamhost.

I am a potential customer, and have heard good things about you. I do have one question that’s more for my own curiosity than a pre-req for my decision. You mention in your FAQ that irc clients are allowed only if the customer also pays for a unique IP address. My question is: how do you ensure that the customer uses that IP address with their IRC client of choice? I don’t know much about virtual servers, but in my experience, all processes running on a machine can see all available IP addresses.


It’s my understanding that your whole domain would have that static ip address. So whichever user/domain the client is running off of then it would have that ip address. Make sense?

So you would get a domain and you would buy a unique ip for that domain and you would just run your client with the user of that domain and it would have that fixed (unique) ip.

I don’t know if they use virtual servers for that or what.

Maybe someone at DH could add something a little more technical?


Not quite. Most outbound connections from our machines would go out via the machine’s main interface.

You’d have to create a unique IP for the domain or subdomain you want to connect “from”, and then do:
irc -h example.com

(or whatever). Other IRC clients have similar arguments (with BitchX, it’s -H).

Note that IRC servers, bots, bouncers, etc. are strictly prohibited.