Unique Ip

What’s so special about having a unique IP? I just got a bill for it and I don’t know the specifics. Thanks

It allows for anonymous FTP. It’s required for SSL (https). It also never changes. If none of the above apply to you, do you know how you came about having one? Most people here don’t have them because they usually don’t need one.


Almost correct! Actually, the reason we call it a “unique” IP rather than a “static” IP is that it can change (and on occasion, it will!).

In addition to the things Scott mentioned that it is needed for, it has an additional characteristic in that it is not shared (it is unique to your site), and this can be of interest to those worried about work/school site blocks, as you can’t pick your neighbors on a shared IP address.

–DreamHost Tech Support

That’s the other thing I got billed for, SSL secure certificate. I vaguely recall signing up for it because I wanted to set up an on-line store and I assumed I needed that to process credit card info. So I need the unique IP if I have the SSL, but what exactly is the SSL certificate and how do I implement it into my site? Thanks a lot for your patience.

I should have said “almost” never. Never is a long time.

Here’s the wiki on SSL: