Unique ip?

What is the benefit of having a unique ip address? I see a promo code for a unique ip address and 67 off you bill and was wonding what a unique ip is for. Also I apologize about so many questions just want to get it all out there before I commit.

it’s great to have your own ssl

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The unique ip has application to Dreamhost because we are in a “shared hosting environment.” This means that there are many accounts using the same hardware. We also do not have an IP address assigned to our domains, rather IP’s are assigned dynamically by the DH gateway.

The Unique IP binds the DNS of your domain to a single IP address. This is a necessary step if you want a Secure Socket Layer Certificate (i.e. “https://yourdomainhere.com”).

Hope that helps.

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Would that also apply to the same concept whereas at work they block certain sites but you can still access it with the ip and if you did not have a unique ip you could not pull the site with the ip?

It all depends on how they block websites. If their proxy servers are blocking at a DNS level, then you should be able to do so. If they are filtering by IP address then the Unique IP would make your site filtered.

My suggestion would be to try it without the unique IP and the 97 dollar code and if it’s blocked then spend the 30 dollars you saved on hosting on the unique ip and hope they don’t block both.

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Thank you that helps. Also so that I don’t need to make a new post I see so many promo codes some with more space is there by chance a topic that has every promo code there so I can see if I may want a differant one.

There is a thread listed in the “promotion” section of this forum but I just googled “DreamHost promocode” or check out some of the signatures of users on this forum.

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Actually, what the unique IP address option gets you is that your domain name is assigned a unique IP address. That is, that no other site is assigned that IP address.

The usual mode for shared hosting is that there are tens or hundreds of domains sharing the same IP address and that the “host:” header in the http request is used by apache to determine which site is actually receiving the request.

This is distinct from the idea of dynamic IP allocation. I’m pretty sure that none of the DH servers work via dynamic allocation by a gateway.

But you are correct in saying that you need this to run SSL with your own cert. You would also need it if you need to run anonymous ftp. There are a couple of other servers or protocols that would require you to have a unique IP, but most people don’t run those here.

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