Unique IP with promo-code!


I want the unique-ip for the lifetime of the account! We’re now able to create promo-codes that give up to three unique-IP’s minus $30 of referral bonus for each one. Normally a unique IP is about $48/year, so this is a great deal! But I already have a DH account! Should I refer myself with my own special promotion code (using a different Visa card, of course)??? :-p

From what I understand, it takes a number of years after a self-referral before I can move my old domains over to the new account, since I used a promotion code originally. Or, alternatively, I have to rename all my domains.

It would be much simpler (for ahem me) if DH would offer unique-ip’s to everyone for $30 a pop!

Please refer to mark’s suggestion below :wink:

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You should use the suggestion function in panel :

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Don’t forget that you won’t be able to move any of your currently dreamhost-hosted domains over to the new account.

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I’ve been away for a while, and these are good news. IP numbers are becoming more rare, but for some people they are still mandatory, so this is a good move.
As for having 2 Dreamhost accounts, I would send a support ticket first…

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I personally wouldn’t do this, as the DreamHost affiliate program terms and conditions expressly forbid you from referring yourself.

[color=#0000CC]“New accounts must use a different credit card number from the referrer to qualify for rewards credit for the referrer. Customers also cannot refer themselves or their spouse/civil union partner. No exceptions will be made.”[/color]


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Be careful playing games with DH. If they find you and decide to smack you - it hurts.

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I take back my words.

Please follow mark’s suggestion and read terms and services. It states clearly there. You can’t refer yourself.

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its one year I think. but like the others said referring yourself is not permitted.

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