Unique IP per domain


Since every answer i’ve received from existing DH customers about DH’s service has pretty much been (amazingly) “it works exactly how any person or reseller would want it to work”…, I probably already know the answer to this, too ( ) but…
Are unique IPs available per >account<, or per >hosted domain<? That is to say, if i resell a domain to my dad & host his business site, and he needs a cert, can his domain that i am reselling to him have a unique IP, independent of any unique IPs on my own (or other) domains that I host (which each might or might not need certs themselves)? Sorry if this is a dumb question, but i’m a hardware guy not a software guy :slight_smile:

Given all the “right answers” i keep getting in discussions with existing DH customers (who all seem to not be answering their phones tonight or I wouldn’t bother posting this question!!), I’m a new DH customer as soon as this one is answered. Now I just need to browse to find a message where someone is offering a big discount for new customers so I can save a ton of money on my signup on top of the DH two-year incentives


Unique IP addresses are attached to a particular domain, so you should be OK in the situation you outlined.

Something else I have noticed (not quite on topic); I have a few domains hosted on DreamHost, all on the one server, and I have not purchased unique IP addresses for these domains. However, each of these domains resolves to a different IP address.

I am not sure how many IP addresses each DreamHost box has (besides the uniques purchased by customers), but it seems the odds of most of your domains being on different IPs is quite good. This could be handy for SEO purposes.

You shouldn’t have too many problems with that. :slight_smile:


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