Unique ip or subdomain

My company developed a new site for a customer who had a site hosted on DH. We are now hosting the new site on a different web host, but there is one function that we want to keep hosted on DH. It’s an “Upload File” button for uploading files for print, and we want that button to link to the page from the old site. So essentially we will have the entire site hosted one place with the exception of one page which will be hosted on DH. The tech I chatted with earlier today said that I would need to obtain a unique ip or use the dreamhosters.com subdomain as the target of this button. I need some help with this. If there is anyone who has done this or understands completely what direction I should take, I would appreciate some advice. I sort of understand what he was talking about, but no idea where to start. The tech directed me here to the forums for more information.
Thanks in advance for any help.

so taking this apart it looks like the unique IP OR dreamhosters.com subdomain means that you have moved the DNS for the domain away from dreamhost.

You obviously want to avoid the unique IP if possible because that’s an extra $4.00/month. I also wouldn’t be crazy about the idea of using the dresmhosters.com domain as part of a production website on another domain.

Depending on how your DNS is managed, the angle I would take is to have a subdomain like media.domain.com or upload.domain.com hosted via dreamhost while the main domain points elsewhere.

There isn’t enough information in your post to get specific tho…

Thanks for the info. I actually did this, and have set up a sub-domain on the main web host that is pointing to the sub-domain on Dreamhost. But it’s still not linking through to the file that I want it to link to. I chatted with a tech on Dreamhost and with the other webhost and they are both telling me that I have everything set up as it should be, but the reason now that it’s not working is I need to make some scripting changes. I’m not a programmer, and javascript is as foreign to me as speaking to a martian. So I’m stuck now with what to do.