Unique IP for multiple domains

If I were to purchase an unique IP address, can I use that for multiple domains & subdomains? So if I have a.com and sub.a.com, can I use the same IP, thus giving me Secured Hosting on both domains (assuming I have two certificates, one for a.com and one for sub.a.com)?

Also, is it possible to only allow connections to the secured version of a domain? So if someone went https://a.com, they would see the proper page, but if they went to http://a.com, they would get an error or a different page?

Thank you very much!

I THINK, I am no expert or even a DH customer YET.

I think you can acheive the latter using ‘C Records’ or ‘C Names’.

According to the wiki, you can not share a unique IP between domains.

[color=#0000CC]“PS: Do remeber that an IP address can be assigned to one domain only and can not be shared among more than one domain hosted on your account .”[/color]



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I am able to answer your first question. Yes, you can have unlimited sub-domains. I think your one IP address refers to one domain name. Once you have a registered domain name, you can have unlimited sub-domains.

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The original poster was not asking about unlimited sub-domains, he/she was asking if they could purchase a unique IP address, which is required for secured hosting, and use it for multiple domains and/or sub-domains. I do not believe this is possible at DreamHost.

No, it refers to one IP address :stuck_out_tongue:


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thanks for correction. I think I mis-understand the post.

What a shame! I am a programmer but forgot how sub-domain works. Please correct me if I am wrong.

From what I remember, when I manually set up a sub-domain, I set up with the same IP address. What I need to do is to configure the web server config file to point the sub-domain to a different folder. All sub-domains are using the same IP address.

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Things are handled a little differently here at DreamHost, sub-domains are not guaranteed to share the same IP address as the parent domain (or other sub-domains). Most of my domains and sub-domains here at DreamHost resolve to different IP addresses, even though they are all served from the same DreamHost server. You can test your own (sub)domains by pinging them and noting the IP address they resolve to.

As for a ‘unique IP’; You can purchase one of these from DreamHost for a monthly fee and configure a domain to use this IP address. This is useful if you need your domain to be on a known and (mostly) unchanging IP address. I believe such a unique IP address is required for secured hosting.

Unfortunately, the DreamHost system only allows you to use this unique IP address for one domain, you can not use this one unique IP for multiple domains, which is what the original poster was asking.


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When I enquired Dreamhost about the IP, I was told that it is only for Business Plan. I signed up for Level 1 plan. Anyone here using Level 1 with unique IP?

From my understanding in the above replies, you can customize your own nameservers i.e. instead of pointing to Dreamhost 3 nameservers at your registrars, you point it to your own nameservers. . Can this really be done in Level 1 account?

Perhaps DreamHost support misunderstood your question. The ‘Stricly Business’ plan is the only plan the includes a unique IP in the plan cost, but I believe you can add unique IPs under any plan type for a cost ($3.95/month).

I am also on the level 1 plan and while I do not have a unique IP address for any of my domains, each domain does have a small Add IP link in the Manage Domains section of the panel. Clicking this link takes me to a confirmation page, so I can only assume that it works. :slight_smile:

Do you mean pointing at real external name servers, or simple nsX.yourdomain.tld A-Records that redirect to the real DreamHost name servers?

If you are referring to real external name servers, then yes this can be done but can be problematic if your domain does not have a unique IP address.

If you just want to use nsX.yourdomain.tld name servers that redirect to nsX.dreamhost.com, then this can be done too. There have been a few recent forum threads that discuss how this is done.


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Looks like your original question has been thoroughly answered here. I’ll just add a question/comment of my own on to this post… even if you attempt and are successful at some sort of “fixed ip workaround”(pointing to your own nameservers, etc…), I don’t think you’ll be able to then create an SSL server(https) on that domain through the DH panel. It requires that you have a fixed IP and I doubt it will be aware of any work arounds you attempt.

But frankly, I can’t claim that’s 100% correct. Just went through a similar thought process myself. Good luck.


Hello Mark,

I too have a question about ip addresses. I have an interest in different ip’s for my domains, if i check dns, would the type a ip be what i would look for to make sure my domains are on separate ip addresses or will i need to ping it to see what the ip is? (and how do i do this?)

I don’t need a dedicated ip, just a different ip


On DreamHost, the only way to insure “uniques” IP’s is to add them as an additional service. I believe (have not checked in a while) they cost ab extra $3.95 a month per IP address.

Note they are “unique” per domain, but not necessarily “static” (they are subject to change, but generally do not change often).


The ‘A’ record for your domain or subdomain is the IP address used to resolve the domain for web hosting, so yes, you can find out what IP address your sites resolve to by looking at the ‘A’ records.

On regular shared hosting, most of your domains will resolve to the same IP address - though you may have two or three. But it’s very unlikely that you’ll have different ones for every domain. And even if your two domains resolve to two different IP addresses, that does not mean that they are unique. There are probably tens (or maybe a hundred) of other people’s domains that will resolve to that address.

Why are you so interested in getting a different IP address? I posted a link in another thread about how someone from Google said that a unique IP address doesn’t give you better pagerank.

I suppose you could keep deleting and adding hosting for the domain until you luck out… Or maybe you could submit a little support ticket with your request and see what happens. :slight_smile:

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Thank you lensman,

This answers my question, I know pr is not effected by different ip’s (pagerank can be gotten from just your own site, with internal linking strategy), I have a different reason for wanting this, and it may just me adding work for myself for no reason, But it is the way i want it.


Cool, also remember that if you do ever choose to get Dreamhost PS, all your sites will use the same IP address (that of your PS server). In fact, I think the PS server resolves to your server name (or to dreamhost’s apache subdomain to your server name), so you should be somewhat cautious about naming your PS server if you have privacy concerns.

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