Unique IP address security?

Did I see something at Dreamhost, about better site security if I would configure it so that only my static IP (here at home) would allow any modifications or configuring in the panel? I know it was available at iPowerWeb’s V-Deck setup, but I could have sworn I saw it here as well.

I have a unique static IP address on the web. It is a registered static IP through hughes.net, our satellite internet provider. So each time I loged into the cpanel at Lunarpages, it showed the unique IP address that it had logged in. All secure sites log this address. So I was just wondering if there was a way to enhance security in the site a bit?

One downfall, is that if my modem at home went down, how would I ever log in to change something at the site??

The one nice thing would be that now there would need to be 3 criteria. correct username, correct password, and no one other than at my IP address could log in, which means they would have to be “here” S correct IP

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If I’m correct you will get an email confirmation when you try to log in from a new IP address if you have that setting activated. You won’t be locked out if you can’t use your usual IP address as long as you can check you email.