Uninstalling WordPress


Bit of a noob/intermediate here. I have a site with WordPress installed, but I recently downloaded an HTML template that I’d like to use instead. Is uninstalling WP a matter of just getting into the FTP of my site and deleting all WP files and uploading the HTML template? (I know how to do this with FileZilla, just wanted to be sure before I went ahead and deleted the files.)

Thanks for any info, and sorry if this has been posted before. I didn’t find anything with a quick search of this forum.


yep all you have to do is delete the files. i would keep the mysql database just in case but you can delete that too. if you are a beginner i would really recommend against using some html template you got from somewhere. do you actually know any html for when you want to make changes or add other features? do you know how to make ccs (cascading style sheets) to change the look and feel of your website? those two things are pretty critical. if your answer is no, you should look for a nice wp template that looks similar. there are many free themes out there. when it comes to updating and constantly adding new content you should definitely start out with a content management system of some sort. anything else and you are just trying to reinvent the wheel and not utilizing your time wisely. wp does blogging great but it can be a pretty decent cms as well.


Thanks! I actually do know WordPress fairly well, but didn’t know enough about hosting to know for sure about how to get an HTML template up. I’m doing this more for a test site to teach myself a little HTML and CSS and whatnot, so I don’t have any immediate needs for a blog or site.

Thanks again, good info!


You could also just login to FTP and rename your domain directory to domain.com.old then create a new domain.com directory and upload your new framework into that. If you decide to stick with the new HTML version just delete the domain.com.old directory.

With database removal, if you’re sure you don’t need it anymore it would be prudent to first drop all tables before using the delete database function in Panel. That way you can be sure the data is gone forever.