Uninstall/Reinstall PHPBB

I know there is a one click button to install PHPBB, but I messed up when backing up my database and I need to reinstall it if possible. Can someone help me out here?

Do you mean to reinstall PHPBB?

you can remove your current PHPBB first. DH panel --> Goodies --> one click installs.

then install it again.

note: all the previous pages and data of PHPBB will be removed. you better back up your pages or databases before you remove it.

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So if I want to reinstall it, all I have to do is go back to the one click thing and do that again? It wouldnt mess anything up?

Or do I delete all the phpbb files and remove the mysql database for it?

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You are welcome! I’m still learning and trying my best to provide better support here.

When you click remove to remove the installed PHPBB, it will automatically remove the files. It will not remove the database. To remove the database, go to Goodies --> Manage MySQL

When you install it again, I’ll suggest to install it in a different folder and create a particular database for it so that it won’t mess anything up


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Do you know much about phpbb? If so, I have another question (or should I make a new thread?).

I am also new to PHPBB. But I’ve installed it.

If you have questions, you can start with a new thread. The ppl here are very helpful and they will answer your question.

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