Uninstall Miva



Despite some posts, I haven’t been able to find out how to successfully uninstall Miva so I can go ahead and install WordPress. Can anyone advise?


Waiiiit wait.
What does Miva have to do with Wordpress, and why do you have to uninstall it?


In theory, nothing. But Dreamhost won’t allow you to run Wordpress if you have Miva set up.


I’ve been having the same problem. I think I might’ve screwed my domain’s chances of ever getting to install wordpress. What happened was: I was curious about Miva, so I had it installed, didn’t like it, but couldn’t figure out how to uninstall it, so I just deleted the entire Miva folder. Later, when I tried to install wordpress via the on-click, it didn’t work, so I figured that my “raw uninstall” had screwed something up, so I RE-installed Miva, with intentions to uninstall it correctly. and so after searching and searching, I finally found out how to uninstall it, and I did… and wordpress STILL doesn’t want to install. sigh. I’m not sure what the hell Miva does to your domain, but yikes, it seemed to really screw mine up. (I say “domain” as in my domain’s hosting space, because i have another domain sharing the same hosting space, which has never had Miva installed on it, and installing wordpress on there worked perfectly!)

anyhow, hopefully someone can provide assistance, but I’m about ready to give up :confused:


The best advice I can give, is that you contact support, explain the problem, and ask them to set it up so you can use one-click installs again. While you’re at it you might ask that they either fix their system so other users can un-install miva, or make an entry in the K-base about how to do it.



okie dokies, thanks :slight_smile:

I shall try contacting them, and I’ll let 'em know so many people are having problems :confused: I just hope they’re able to help me, cuz on the help page, it specifically says “DreamHost can not help with the installation, setup, or debugging of 3rd party CGI scripts (ie. Movable Type). A good place for help is our customer discussion forum.”