I have an autoreply that requires Vietnamese. Is it possible to use unicode? If so, how?

When i tried it came up with ‘garbly goop’ (example: Hiện tại đại chỉ h)

I’m sorry I don’t know how to do it, but I’m glad you posted that - I probably would have thought that was Vietnamese! :slight_smile:


Wow…in fact that was vietnamese. But when i got a autoreply in Outlook, it was in the form of “Hiện tại đại chỉ”

I am more lost now.

I thought so! (but I don’t speak Vietnamese, and my exposure to it in any quantity was 35 years ago, or so) :wink:

Now I am even more confused, because the only difference I can see between the two posting you have made here is a single trailing letter “h”.

I’m thinking you are experiencing Outlook related weirdness (which I left behind years ago when I uninstalled the last copy of Outlook from my *doze boxen)


It may have something to do with character set in the autoreply setting.

What would the character set be for Vietnamese unicode?

anyway i will continue testing…

Answer is:

Use HTML with character set iso-8859-1

It’s good to have an answer; Thanks for sharing! :slight_smile: