Unhappy with price increase

I just got a notification that my Happy Hosting Plan would be renewing in a few days with a 31% yearly increase over prior years.

I’m really disappointed. Other sites like Squarespace have been giving discounts to businesses affected by the pandemic but Dreamhost has taken the opportunity to raise prices, when some of us can least afford it. I’ve been a customer for years, and with less than a week’s notice I don’t have a lot of options in terms of switching.

Dreamhost used to have a policy of not raising prices for subscribers, which they clearly quietly did away with. I understand why prices need to increase, but this is a big jump. I also noticed that when Dreamhost lowered the price of their Dreampress plan but have continued charging me the old, higher rate. It feels like they want to have it both ways – long term customers can keep paying the higher rates when they lower their prices, but long-term customers must also pay more when they raise their prices. It really feels like Dreamhost doesn’t care about their customers.


I hear you loud and clear. I’m paying a dollar a month less for shared hosting than I would be if I switched to a DH VPS (3x the price of comparable non-DH VPS I use elsewhere, btw). Unlimited bandwidth is cool and all, but nothing I run here at DH is bandwidth intensive.

I’ve been happy with the service here for over a decade, but I think I’ll be moving the last few of my domains out of here soon.

Seems almost every business has given itself permission to raise service rates to recover lost revenue from the COVID impact.

In the hosting world, overhead has actually continued to decrease across the board, so this thinking is opportunistic IMO.

However, what may increase is the level of shame companies are willing to accept.

I’ve been with them for 14 years, a light user. I normally give them a two-year signup. Now they give me a 66% increase on the two years with only a month’s notice to renewal.
I’ll go monthly and soon find somewhere better, it will be a pleasure not to se the dreamhost status announcements continually announcing they’ve “put in a fix”.

Wow…not impressed. I’m already shopping around because I think I can benefit from a reseller account. I guess I had better find something before this price increase. The quality of service hasn’t gone up 31%, that much I am certain of.