Unhappy imap


Anyone else having e-mail problems like this today? When trying to log in via webmail, I get “ERROR: Connection dropped by IMAP server.” And mail (imap) is sending but not receiving via TBird. Not sure what mail server (can’t find this info anymore). Looked like a systemwide issue that was being looked into around noon(?), but since then the panel says it’s my own super-dee-duper special, isolated problem. >:(



Same problem here with both imap and pop3. I’m on mail server sack, I’ve reported 1 hour and 12 mins ago, it reslts verified and worked on since 1 hour and 37 mins ago. Let’s hope. Glad to not be the only one.


Yep, sack’s the one. Good to hear it’s being worked on- thanks for sharing.



All my DreamHost e-mail accounts have been dead for the last few hours, though when I check the status on them they say it’s only been a little over an hour.

Does anyone have any recommendations for a more reliable e-mail service? I’ve just about reached my limit.


Our e-mail service has been down for over 36 hours and they have yet to fix it. Good luck…Very unhappy dreamhoster here.


I’ve set my main address to copy mails to a off site backup one.

This is the first serious email issue I have with Dreamhost since 2003 but I find very annoying to not see information about the server problem on Dreamhost status.


Haven’t heard anything, so don’t know if this is “final” or if the problem’s still being worked on, but my mail is working again. Just a heads up.



My one too.