Undoubtedly Dumb Domain Question


I’m new to blogging and I just recently setup a fully hosted account with Dreamhost. I registered a domain and now wish to set up Wordpress through one-click installation.

When I try to install the software using Easy Mode, , the field “Domain (or sub-domain) you want:” automatically pre-populates with my registered domain, except it has “blog” in front of it, ie “blog.xxxxx.com.”

Just want to make sure that won’t be my website address. My guess is that it won’t be, and that I am just labeling a subdomain and attaching Wordpress to it, but can someone please confirm? I don’t want “blog” to appear in my URL.

Thanks, I appreciate it.

That will be the web address for the wordpress part of your domain. You will need to create a webpage for your main page at www.yourdomain.com. I’m guessing you can point the front of your blog to this address too, but I can’t say for sure as I’m also very new to this.

The space for filling in the domain is completely up to you. Since they do say “domain, or sub-domain,” I’m pretty sure it won’t force you to call it blog.example.com. Just leave the “blog.” part off.


But when I try to take the “blog” part off, I get the following error:

Invalid Domain: xxxxxxx.com is already being used in our system!
Easy Mode software may only be installed on domains (or subdomains) that are not already fully hosted. Either delete the web hosting for xxxxxxx.com, or install your application to a new subdomain of xxxxxxx.com.

Can I not use easy mode? It’s saying that my domain is already in use, which it is I suppose, by me. I though the whole point was to have the domain fully hosted?

I know it’s completely counterintuitive (and there’s actually a bug filed in our system to fix this) — but you’ll have to delete the existing domain to add an easy one-click. Yes, this sounds completely nuts. In fact, it is. For the time being, though, it’s The Way We Do Things.

Hmmmm…but I registered the domain that I want, so if I delete it, then it will be replaced by…what? Something else? Or can I re-quire the original domain somehow?

Conversely, if I use Advanced Mode, can I keep the domain I want and avoid the whole “blog.xxxxxxx.com” issue?

Thanks all!

Hosting is separate from Registration. Andrew is suggesting that you go to Manage Domains and delete hosting for that domain from the list because the Easy install needs that record.

Easy Mode is not “Fully Hosted.” Fully Hosted means it’s on your server and you have full access to it. This would be the Advanced Mode. Easy Mode means it’s hosted by DreamHost on another server they maintain for you.

I don’t like Easy Mode because of its limitations, so I suggest that you keep your Fully Hosted domain entry in Manage Domains and use the Advanced One-Click WordPress instead. It’s still very easy to maintain, and you get full access to make any desired changes.

Thanks so much.

I’m sorry for being such a Luddite but I am still somewhat confused. What does having it on “my” server mean? I thought that’s what I was paying Dreamhost for? I don’t have my own server, and am looking for Dreamhost to maintain the server for me. But you’re saying the only way I can do this is to opt-in to Easy Mode and have “blog.xxxxxxx.com” be my URL?

I am fine with doing Advanced One-click, but to be clear, is that really the only way I can avoid featuring “blog” in my URL? Because that’s all I’m really concerned about at this point (which is probably folly, but I’m new at this so I am blind to anything else).

I mean the server they provide you for uploading data. The “Easy Mode” server is a different server. Advanced Mode is the car where you can open the hood and work on the guts. Easy Mode is the car that has a locked hood and you don’t have the key. DreamHost does the maintenance for you on the Easy Mode.

Either way lets you host your blog at example.com, without the need for the “blog” subdomain: blog.example.com. If Easy Mode won’t let you type in just “example.com,” then something’s wrong.

However, down the road, you may wish to open the hood of that car or repaint it. Easy mode lets you choose from a limited set of paintjobs (themes) and options (plugins). If you want more, then you’ll wish you went with Advanced Mode.