Undo mirror

While my site was migrating from a different host to the DreamHost servers, I got the idea to experiment, and set my website to mirror a subdomain of another website I have (uploading the migrating site’s files to the subdomain I elected to mirror), so it would appear to be active and accessible. My idea didn’t work, the cloaking wasn’t right. But more importantly, I don’t see a way to undo the mirror. I don’t want it to mirror any other site anymore. I want to simply upload files to it and let it operate as a normal website. What’s more, in attempting to find a way to undo the mirror, I unintentionally disabled the entire domain name. And I can’t get it be fully hosted again, because it’s already hosted. But it’s not enabled. (I also mirrored some subdomains that are a part of the original website. I need to undo those mirrors, too). I need to undo mirrors. I need to enable the domain again. Help!

It sounds like you have managed to get yourself into a real mess. :slight_smile:

Normally, the procedure to ‘undo’ a mirror is simply to go to Domains -> Manage Domains in the panel, click the small [Edit] link under the Web Hosting column and select a different type of hosting, such as Fully Hosted.

I suspect the easiest way out of your current dilemma is simply to delete the hosting configuration for your domain and sub-domains, by clicking the small [x] under the Web Hosting column, wait for the changes to fully make their way through the system (this can take a little while), then re-add the hosting for your domain as Fully Hosted.


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I have experienced a similar issue…I set up a mirror backwards (mirrored the content of domain B to domain A when I meant to mirror A to B). I have changed domain A back to “Fully Hosted” but it is still displaying the content from B. Please tell me the content from site A is not lost?

I peeked at your support ticket, Amanda. It looks like all your content is still there on Domain A (aka sub.domain.com). There’s a totally different site on Domain B (aka domain.dreamhosters.com).

Which one do you want to be ‘real’? (I really dig what you have one Domain A right now, by the way. Nice layout!)