Understanding Web Site Connection To Google Apps

I have a ‘current’ web site hosted elsewhere, and a ‘nearly-ready’ web site here on dreamhost. The original web site uses google apps for administering (adding content and users, security, etc), email (contains up to 50 google based email accounts, and we also use ‘groups’ to create alias email accounts @ our domain to just redirect emails to a user’s primary personal account), and google calendar administration.

The new site is in drupal and is about ready to publish. BUT the person who has done a fabulous job with drupal is not familiar with the way the google apps tie in to the current site, so I need to find someone familiar with that. I am not completely illiterate but have no web technical expertise. I need to find someone who would look at the big picture and outline what to do or where to get help. (Of course the people who set up the original site are no longer available…)

I represent an all volunteer non-profit, so am looking for free help or very low cost. I’m reluctant to attract help that won’t take that into consideration. Maybe there’s even help available at google, but I’m not sure which way to turn. Thanks for any suggestions.