Understanding process: staging -> production

We’ve got a mirror of a domain in staging, the domain of which is in my home directory. I want to make sure I understand the process of going live before attempting it. The site uses WordPress. Domain is registered elsewhere. Here’s what I think I need to do once the staged site is cleared for take-off:
[]Create a generic username like ‘site_mgr’
]Use Duplicator or equivalent to package the site
[]Assign registered domain to ‘site_mgr’
]Change domain name servers to DreamHost name servers
[]Install Duplicator package once name servers updated
]Celebrate going live
Additions, deletions, comments welcome.

Hi geoB

more or less, that’s what you should do: create a new domain on DreamHost, fully hosted, get wordpress in it and adjust all the things, then when things are ready, update the DNS records.

Make sure you read this doc https://help.dreamhost.com/hc/en-us/articles/214828548-How-do-I-install-WordPress-before-my-DNS-is-pointed-to-DreamHost- and the related links below to see how to achieve all of that with DreamHost Panel.

I would also suggest you to look into WP-CLI (instead of duplicator). Learning how to use WP-CLI will make things easier also in the future, especially if you administer more than one WordPress site. Check this series of short articles

Excellent and thanks. When the time comes, and I hope it’s real soon, I’ll be able to take advantage of this great advice.