Understanding how CNAME works

What I am trying to do is like creating a symlink to a bucket, with the symlink living on my website. In other words I want to make a public bucket accessible for read-only purposes via http.

If I understand correctly, that’s what the CNAME thing is supposed to do, right?

The domain is sdnyinterpreters.org so a want bucket foo to be available as library.sdnyinterpreters.org. I set it up per the instructions, and it looks like the illustration says it should, but when I try library.sdnyinterpreters.org what I get is hostname not found. Now, I understand that it takes new DNS settings a while to propagate. But I have also noticed in the past that it doesn’t take long, and it has been like… 20 minutes?

When I try foo.objects,.dreamhost.com, just for curiosity, I get an XML file listing the bucket contents.

I wonder if I am misunderstanding, doing something wrong, or just need to keep waiting a while.

Thank you!

It can take a little while for newly created DNS entries to show up. In some cases, if you try to visit them before they’re fully set up, your Internet service provider’s DNS server may cache the “no such domain” result for up to a few hours.

Be patient, and it’ll show up! It looks like your bucket is showing up properly now.

thanks for the reply. I think I get it now.

and I found a solution that I think will make my users happy. dreamobject storage isn’t really necessary after all, I just needed a decent web-based file manager so my people can put stuff online for public consumption.