Under the Domain Tab?

The KnowledgeBase has a an “Account Control Panel Description” where it lists the “Sub-Areas of the Account Control Panel”. Under the Domain Tab description it lists 9 sub areas.

My Control Panel (under the Domains Tab) only has 5 of them.
I am missing the following:
Domains: Web
Domains: Add Domain
Domains: IP
Actually I am missing 6 of them however one of them (Domains:Dns) is not available on the plan I have so I understand that. The other 3 do not say they are not available on my plan.

Does anyone know why those 3 missing sub areas are not options on my Control Panel ???

I noticed this had changed a while back. I believe Dreamhost has recently changed some of the control panel, but they might have not updated the Kbase. All they did was take out a few tabs and combine them into other ones.

-everything in the web tab, I think was moved to manage domains
-to add domains just go to registrations
-And I think the IP tab has been changed to Manage Domains also

I think I’m correct, but if you find that I am wrong plz post here.