Undeleting domains?

Hi Forum!
Has anyone any experience with whether DH can help un-deleting deleted domains? I’ve just made something of a blunder and asked DH if they can restore my Panel settings from yesterday, or something to that effect. I didn’t lose the www files and mailboxes, but all the created addresses and - worse - the subscriber list and subscribtion templates for announcement lists. Can anyone tell me what chances I have that they can do what I ask of them?

I know it sounds incredibly stupid to delete a domain, but I don’t feel entirely alone at fault. Let me up front state that I’m not criticising DH, just pointing out to everyone that using “Open link in new window” is a bad idea with the Panel.

Here’s what happened. I had several subdomains in the form of foo.g-b.dk and bar.g-b.dk that were simply http redirects to g-b.dk/foo and /bar. I wanted to remove these, and being web-savvy I figured that I could shift-click them all (IE’s shorthand for “Open link in new window”) to work smarter, not harder.
But … the DH Panel seems to hold some kind of state machine in the session, because I didn’t confirm deletion of the subdomains I had actually clicked on. It turned out that in effect, I deleted my domain instead, with the obvious disaster as a result. I’ve now learned the hard way never-ever to work with more than one window in the DH Panel, but I’d rather be without this little lesson - but at least I can pass on the lesson to the Forum: never use more than 1 window for the Panel.

I hope DH can help me, but this topic is not a support request to them. I just want to hear from other users if they have relevant experiences to share?