Undefined functions~

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I’m having an odd problem with my PHP scripts~
Right now, I’m working on making an RSS creator, but the PHP functions load(), simplexml_load_file(), and the DOMDocument object all spit out undefined errors at every instance.

I know DreamHost provides the newest and best of PHP, which makes it weird, as these functions and objects are working fine on my other site on the same webspace~.

Actual error messages:
Fatal error: Call to undefined function: simplexml_load_file()
Fatal error: Call to undefined function: load()
Warning: object domdocument accepts 1 parameter, found 0

Any help would be greatly appriciated~


have you tried creating a php script to run phpinfo() and see what version you’re running? you should be on php 5, which looks like it should include simplexml_load_file(), but on some servers it’s possible to run php 4.

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yup, the results of phpinfo() show that I’m running 4.4.9, so that’s definitely the problem.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction n.n~

My next newbish question:
“how does I install php5?” I feel like this might be covered in the forums somewhere, so I’ll go check.