Unannounced downtime... four hours now

“Webmail2 is down for maintenance! You can still, check your mail…just use regular webmail!”

But how is one supposed to get to one’s Junk Filter quarantine?

By accessing Webmail2 as soon as the maintenance is complete.


Very funny. Meanwhile two more hours and no word from DH as to when the end of maintenance might be.

I’d give them 24 hours. Remember, they’re doing some hardware replacements/upgrades as well. Hardware replacements/upgrades are very time consuming and very unpredictable. Is viewing your junk mail quarantine an emergency? I’m sure you could wait another 18 hours to see how many mortgage offers you got.


Well actually it is a big issue for me! I’ve recently turned on the junk filter and some important e-mail is definitely not getting through, nor am I receiving a list of what’s being held. I don’t know if I can turn off junk filtering without losing whatever mail might not be getting through. I’m trying to negotiate some urgent international travel so it has actually caused some serious grief!

I also don’t think this is really acceptable - DH could at least have something on the announcements page about what’s happening.

Did you send an urgent support request?


I’ve sent an urgent request about my e-mail bouncing almost 24 hours ago and still haven’t heard back. Guess priority, really doesn’t mean priority.

I also marked that I’d like to be called…we’ll see if that actually happens.

I’m soooooooo glad I’ve got the money back guarantee. I’m pretty sure I’ll be using it.

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I guess it’s a good thing that I use my own email application to handle spam.


“Did you send an urgent support request?”

Yes. And I will be returning to use my own e-mail programme to handle spam in the future, it’s just that because I get a lot of e-mail via GPRS on my mobile (which has extortionate per kB charges) I thought a server side solution sounded like a great idea, and waited until it left Beta before trying it!

Does anyone know what exactly is going on? I have at least three e-mails confirmed sent and not received, and I don’t know how many others.

Is there a way to access the quarantined mail via the shell or FTP?

[quote]I’d give them 24 hours.


For an unannounced mail access outage? You are very generous.

[quote]Remember, they’re doing some hardware replacements/upgrades as well.


The ones that were finished over a week ago?

[quote]I’ve sent an urgent request about my e-mail bouncing almost 24 hours ago


Likewise. The answer was the usual, being what I am beginning to perceive as a brush-off:

“I took a look and the address is up and running. … If you need anything else just let us know.”