Unacceptable delay in processing sign-up payment

Google Checkout sent me an email with subject line calling it a receipt from Dreamhost, 12 hours ago.

But my account is still pending. Dreamhost say that once a receipt is sent, you shouldn’t have to wait more than 3 hours. However, they tell me the pending status is because Google Checkout takes “2-3 business days” to process the payment. They advise me to contact Google Checkout.

Google Checkout said on the receipt that I should contact Dreamhost with any queries about the order. Their support desk is ignoring emails and they are not providing any automated information about the order whatsoever.

What’s going on? When I buy things using Paypal, Nochex, or Worldpay, the payment goes through immediately. Who are these guys called Google, providing such a poor service? :slight_smile: It can’t be principally about anti-fraud checks. My local corner shop can get all those done within seconds. Card issuers are very helpful in that regard, for obvious reasons.

Note to Dreamhost: fire Google and hire a proper money transfer agent. Otherwise the short-term advantages of using Google Checkout will disappear in the medium term, because your reputation as an efficient webhost will disappear under the weight of a reputation for taking far too long to ship. You really need to make it easy and fast for customers to pay you money, and you need to provide services very quickly after they’ve ordered. Manual scrutiny of all payments is just ridiculous in the current age. So is a 3 day wait, which I understand for some people is actually a week’s wait. You will not be able to blame this sort of delay on the middleman forever. There are better middlemen out there! Hundreds of millions of people have bought things over the internet, and know this for a fact. I doubt that you want Google Checkout to suck you dry. Good luck!


1: i have the same problem… i paid for my hosting on Saturday 11th, now it’s Wednesday 15th and i still have got my host setup…

2: you don’t know what Google is!!! dude this is not google’s problem the payment is done already, the same with me… the problem is that this guys aren’t replying to support mails nor setting accounts up…

What you’re seeing isn’t always the way things work at DH. Many users are up and running in a short period of time.

(I don’t work for DH so can’t officially speak for them - but that won’t stop me:)
Fraud and customer identity are HUGE issues that DH fights with daily. Adjustments are made quite regularly to close off the current holes that people sneak through. It could be that you just got caught in one. Note: this does not mean you’re evil or DH is stupid, it just means that some trigger occurred and a human will have to verify.

In our experience with hundreds of new customers on the forum when this happens, polite messages to DH through this link: http://www.dreamhost.com/contact.cgi result in very quick solutions (less than 48 hours in most cases).

It certainly appears that “Screaming Hissies” don’t work. I can’t tell you why not. It always worked when I was three.

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joablen - of course I know who Google are, hence the smiley after I asked who are these guys. My point being, customers would be very annoyed if some small operator treated them like this - so why should we accept it from Google?

wholly - it cannot be because of fraud checks, because when you buy things in a supermarket, or from Amazon, or using Worldpay, Nochex, or Paypal, the payment goes through within less than a minute. Card issuers are very helpful to merchants with regard to fraud checks, for obvious reasons. Dreamhost have chosen a very bad money transfer agent, and the line that the service is so bad because of fraud checks will not be bought for very long. I just hope they haven’t tied themselves into too long a contract with Google (but given the way Google operates, I fear they may have done). Customers who don’t like the way Google conducts business will simply go to other hosts. I hope this doesn’t happen because in many other areas Dreamhost is actually very good. Unnecessary issues over the speed it takes to take people’s payments and supply the services could be avoided if they changed their own supplier. This isn’t a hissy fit, but it’s our money and the services we buy will also be ours, and one just gets the feeling that there are these vile operators called Google standing in the middle, taking their percentage, and actually making things worse for everybody.


There are two main steps to getting funds from one party to another, because there are four accounts:

  1. Party A’s bank account/credit card
  2. Party A’s site account
  3. Party B’s site account
  4. Party B’s bank account/credit card

Here’s what happens:

  1. Take money from Party A’s bank account/credit card and put it into Party A’s site account. (This step usually happens quite quickly for online transactions.) Party A’s site account now has a credit.
  2. Debit amount from Party A’s site account and then credit Party B’s site account. This can happen quickly and is essentially a bookkeeping transaction.
  3. Transfer amount from Party B’s site account into Party B’s bank account/credit card. This takes a while due to the way banks have set up their transfer policies. There are a whole lot of reasons for the policies, and many of them have to do with keeping a secure global financial transaction system. It more complicated and restrictive than simply putting a bag of money on a cart and transferring it down the hall to a storeroom.

Sounds like what might be happening is that DH is getting notified that the funds are transferred to their Google account, but they (DH) might be waiting until the money is actually transferred to their bank account.

Or DH just might be very very slow in their bookkeeping systems.

I’m having the same problem. This is very irritating. I’ve submitted a support request, but I haven’t heard back–it’s been a few hours.

This is not a good way to start a relationship.

Did you use Google Checkout?

As you know, since we’re all mostly customers here, we can only provide sympathy here. I know it doesn’t actually help speed up your situation but we’re pulling for you!

(Just about the only thing we can do is help others who come after by trying to make sure good anecdotal information gets propagated via these situations.)

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