Unable to use amount in account

Hi guys!

I have some positive balance in my account but when I try to register a new domain name - it ended up at the payment page (payment by creditcard/checkout/paypal/check).

Any ideas? Thanks!

Do you have 9.95 ?

If not, try to add enough bucks (the difference) first.

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I have $40 positive balance in my account. Tried few times - still end up at the payment page (unable to use the amount in my account)

Weird. I assume you’ve contacted support on this, I would.

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Like Wholly says, it’s probably something that support will have to resolve, but just in case, I thought I’d ask if you’d made sure that the $40 was actually available and not still pending from referrals within the 97 day money-back period? I know it’s unlikely…

Say, where do you go to find out your account balance?

Oh wait! I see! It’s on the make payment page. Hmm. I wonder if there’s a difference between “account balance” and “available funds”, just like at the bank? I could imagine that this could be due to things like check processing and clearing.

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