Unable To Upload With Filezilla Or Cyberduck

I am stumped. I downloaded my FTP files to my desktop from Godaddy. I initially connected to the Dreamhost server with Filezilla and several file folders appeared to transfer.

Eventually, though, I got an error:
Response: 530 Sorry, the maximum number of connections (10) for your host are already connected.

I went to the manage users panel and “killed the FTP” after reading in a forum that that was the thing to do in this case, but it did not help.

Then I switched the setting to SHTP under “edit” in the manage users panel and attempted to upload using cyberduck.

I am on Mac using OSX, if it matters. I know very little about the upload process and am now kicking myself for not just saving my content, what little of it there was, in a different way before switching hosting.

Thanks so much for your help!

for FTP, you have to upload directly to your server.
should be something like ps123456.dreamhost.com
I use Cyberduck.

once you’re in, there will be a folder called "yourdomain.com"
that is where you want to copy your files from your godaddy ftp.

hopefully that helps.