Unable To Upload Media Files On Sub-Domain

Hi All,

Recently i purchased DH VPS plan and i am moving from different host, what i had done so far is having a domain say abc.com which has WordPress installed on it.

I had created an sub-domain for media, say media.abc.com and changed upload path in WordPress settings.

Everything was working fine when i was on my earlier host, I use to upload images directly from admin panel of abc.com and files use to upload on media.abc.com, say media.abc.com/15/11/xyz.png

But as now i moved to DH I am not able to do this, if i try to install images from abc.com admin panel it shows image has been uploaded but in actual it is not.

I cant find my images anywhere on abc.com or media.abc.com

When i contacted DH support they say both works are different domains and if i need to upload images on media.abc.com then i have to it manually means upload directly on media.abc.com.

I dont think its feasible as if i am going to post an article then write it on abc.com and upload image separatly on media.abc.com and use its media path and paste on abc.com.

Can you guys help me out with a simple solution through which i will be able to upload media from my abc.com admin panel itself.