Unable to upload html file



I am trying to do something very simple: upload a .index.html file I have created for my website via webFTP in DreamHost. However, every time I go to upload the file, I am told the following:

“The item you dropped seems to be in a folder and folders cannot be uploaded to the server. Are you sure you want to upload?”

The file, however, is not in a folder; it is saved to my desktop. Saving items to my desktop and uploading them via webFTP is the method I have used in the past to upload files and have never had a problem.

Does anyone have any advice or suggestions that might help me in resolving this problem?


P.S.’ I have also tried to upload it via FTP from NotePad++, but with no success.



Let me update my previous thread. I’ve now discovered that I can upload the .index.html file from another computer, but not from my home computer. I’ve cleared all cookies/history, etc. from my home computer (and have even run a quick-clean and restarted the computer) but still with no success.

Any thoughts on what might be causing this?



Can you upload a test.txt file?

What kind of computer/browser are you using?



Thank you for your quick response!

Yes, a test.txt file uploads fine (as do style sheets). However, whenever I create a new .html file it won’t upload.

Now here’s the real kicker: I am able to download any .html file that I’ve uploaded from my office computer (which is a Mac running on a safari or firefox browser) to my home PC. I can’t, however, then edit that file and re-upload it via FTP. Once again I get the nagging warning that “the item seems to be in a folder and folders can’t be uploaded to the server.”

Oh yes…and I use google chrome.

I hope that helps. Please let me know if I can provide any additional info!


What computer is your home PC? Windows 7?

That your work Mac is working makes me wonder if you have something on Chrome (an extension) that’s causing a conflict. Have you tried IE? (Yes, I know).



Yes, it’s a Window 7 with Vista Service Pack 2.

I tried Firefox today and it seems to be working now, so I guess it’s a problem with Chrome–weird.

Thank you for your help! :slight_smile:


Don’t you hate that?

I would see if Chrome’s not upgrading, or if you have any Chrome Extensions running amok. Usually Chrome’s the good guy here.