Unable to upgrade hosting plan (also, can't add domains to my account)

I am trying to move some domains from WebFaction to DreamHost, but having several issues, listed below. I have a ticket in to support, but replies are slow.

  1. My current hosting plan is “Crazy Domain Insane”. That is very old, I think. It more recently was Happy Hosting or something like that, but now, it appears Shared Unlimited is the most similar plan. When I try to upgrade to that plan, it goes through, but nothing happens. There is no change, there are no errors or notifications, just nothing.

  2. I also can’t add new domains to my account. I am bring them over from WebFaction. I have changed DNS at my domain registry. When I try to add a domain, it seems to go through, but the list remains the same, there are no errors or notifications, again, just nothing.

Thanks for any assistance.

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