Unable to transfer .ws domain to DH

Over the last several years I’ve been moving my domains and hosting to DH from GD. It turns out that one can’t transfer a .ws domain to DH. Anyone know why and if this will continue to be the case? I wasn’t able to find a discussion about this using google.
Thanks! Curt

Dreamhost is not a registrar for every tld that exists. You should however be able to HOST the domain at dreamhost by setting the nameservers to point to dreamhosts,

For simplicity some people like to keep the hosting and registration under one roof. At the other end of the spectrum there are those that would prefer to have hosting and registration separate (in the event something happans to the host they can just point the domain somewhere else).
Actually… Dreamhost DOES seem to be a .ws registrar (or at least one of it’s registration partners is). What specific problem are you running into? Where does the process get held up?

Thanks much for your reply. I am hosting some sites on DH with the GD registered domains pointing to DH. That would be fine except for two things. DH gives you domain privacy for free whereas GD charges ~$10/yr for that. Secondly, GD admin web site is about as horrible as one can get. You login and most of the space is taken up by them pushing products at you. I find DH very straightforward. I’m not expecting a resolution to this. I submitted a help ticket quite some time ago asking about it and was just told that DH can’t transfer the .ws domains.

You’re right that DH can register a .ws, but they can’t transfer a .ws domain from somewhere else to DH. As soon as you click on the submit button when trying to transfer, it tells you that.

I’m resigned to continuing with GD for my .ws domains. My question really is out of curiosity. Why doesn’t DH, as a very major ISP, offer this?
Thanks again for your comments - Curt

Historically, the .WS registry hasn’t always allowed transfers. It looks like they have changed that now (phew!), but not all registrars support it yet, and it doesn’t look like our registration partner for .WS domains, eNom, does currently.

Any chance this could be escalated with eNom so that transfer would be allowed now? Looks like this still isn’t enabled.

I too would like a .ws tld transfer from GoDaddy to DreamHost.