Unable to transfer database files to new host


I renewed my domain name Friday, and instituted a transfer of the name (which was approved) this weekend to a new host.

My web hosting, for now, is still with Dreamhost. Or so I thought. I can’t access my website or the admin panel in Wordpress. What it’s now showing is the new hosts 404.

After speaking with my new host (which you are NOT able to do with Dreamhost), they told me that my content was still here. So, where is it? If all I transferred was the domain name, surely I would be still be able to access the database to my website. Or am I missing something here? Is there another step I need to take in my DH cpanel? Is there a simple way I can download my database from Dreamhost and upload it to the new host? It can’t possibly be this difficult.

Oh, and the wiki’s were no help. I couldn’t find anything about exporting from Dreamhost to a new provider.

Would appreciate any suggestions/help.



When you transfered the domain, did you change the name severs to point to the new server already?

You should still be able to use panel.dreamhost.com to get into your admin, but the front end of your site (domain.com and domain.com/wp-admin) depend on those nameservers :slight_smile:

Basically you told WP you’d moved before you had.