Unable to sign up for DreamHost - Any ideas?


I try to register and sign up for dreamhost. However, when I select “I already have a domain registered, I just need to host or transfer it.” and type in the domain, it tells me this:

“This domain “MYREALNAMEHERE.com” is already in our system! Please just contact support if you need help with it. If you’re trying to move it to a new account, please first delete it from its current account.”

I emailed support a few hours ago and still have heard no response. Kind of difficult to get business if they won’t take it from you! :frowning: Thanks for the input if anybody has an idea.


You could start with giving them a bit more then just a few hours.

Second the domain is in Dreamhost system means it is or was in use on Dreamhost by you or someone else, registered or non-registered.

Third (same as first), be a litle patient, unfortunately you are not the only person who need help


There should be no need to let this glitch slow you down.

What you can do (I think) is open your account and get your hosting environment ready using a temporary subdomain name on dreamhosters.com,

and meanwhile be contacting support so that they can unravel the glitch with your actual domain name.


Good idea tomtavoy. I received word from dreamhost, but it sounds like they are emailing the person who registered it on their systems, asking them to remove it. I don’t know why dreamhost can’t just do this themselves since I own the domain. (sigh…) But thank you both for your input!! :wink:


Well, Dreamhost doesn’t really know which of you two actually owns it.

They could find out by setting you (and also the other customer) a challenge, for example (perhaps) to change the order of {ns1.dreamhost.com,ns2.dreamhost.com,ns3.dreamhost.com}

I guess what they are in fact doing is emailing the other customer to say “if you no longer own this domain, please remove its hosting” ~ which, if it works, would amount to less hassle in the end.


That’s pretty much it :slight_smile: On the internet, anyone can be a dog, so we want to make sure that the right owner gets the site. People do just what you’re asking for as a social engineering attack. We want to be careful, so we don’t get it wrong.