Unable to send SMTP Mail

This is weird. I can receive mail in IMAP set up account, but not SEND using the same settings.
I am using:
using password authentication of myusername@mydomain.com
my mail program has a “use default ports” so I’m wondering if maybe Dreamhost uses some non-standard ports for SMPT mail?

Nope, it’s all standard. What error do you get when you try? How new is your domain setup here?

Or it’s your ISP not allowing it, in which case, try a non-standard port: 587


587 is one of the 3 default ports Mac Mail lists, the other 2 are 25 & 465.

The error I get is:

Cannot send message using the server mail.mydomain.com.

The server “mail.mydomain.com” refused to allow a connection on the default ports.

Select a different outgoing mail server from the list below or click Try Later to leave the message in your Outbox until it can be delivered.

The message has my actual domain name instead of “mydomain”, I just changed that to protect the innocent :slight_smile:

When it checks my email, I get a certificate error, but I am given the opportunity to bypass that by clicking “Allow”.

A quick check would be to log into your shell account here an type:

telnet mail.mydomain.com 25

It should at least connect. If you’d like, PM me your domain name and I’ll try to test it from home.