Unable to send out email to specific recipients


Somehow I was not able to send out email to specific domain/recipients. Have logged number cases to support but still not resolved. Has been facing this issue for more than a week. Any idea how can I resolve this?


Hi Willie,

Thank you for contacting us for help! If you can supply us with the support ticket# or domain name on the account we can have a support manager look into the issue,

Matt C


I’m having the same issue. My ticket ID is #8346026.


Hi Thomas,

Thank you for that support ticket# I see that it has already been escalated over to the mail block team and they have been looking into the issue. I apologize for the delay as they are working towards a resolution, these types of issues do not always have an immediate fix. I was able to get it sent over to a support manager to keep an eye on and they will send you an update accordingly,

Matt C


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