Unable to Send Mail to .att Addresses

Right now all of my domain accounts are blocked from sending mail (receiving bounced mail - Unauthorized) to all .att addresses.

I submitted a ticket to support yesterday, and received a message saying:

This is just a notification that your message has been moved to our mail blocks queue. This queue is information that our abuse staff uses to determine who is blocking us, why we are being blocked, and at around what time period we are being blocked. Your ticket will be used for information purposes only in helping us get the block removed. You may not receive a response, but you will be instrumental in helping us get this issue resolved faster. Thank you for your mail block report.

How is that a helpful response?

I need to know if/when we will be able to reach our customers!

The overall e-mail service quality on DH is atrocious. Anyone have better, affordable ideas? I hate the idea of having to sign of for Google Apps for Business ($50/user/year) just because DreamHost can’t get e-mail right. I’d leave, but I think the rest of their hosting is excellent.

Anyone have thoughts here?


– Brian