Unable to remove folders

I am having trouble deleting a couple folders from my website…My FTP client gives me an error and says that the directory is not empty…But it LOOKS empty to me…can someone help me out here? Thanks!

There may be hidden files in the directory. See if this knowledge base article, ‘How do I show hidden files’, is of help to you.
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htaccess files don’t show up on a lot of ftp clients unless you set up the program to show them. I don’t know what you’re using for ftp, but get it to display all/hidden files, and you might see an .htaccess file in the folder still.


I’m using ACE FTP, and I can’t seem to find the option to view hidden files or anything in there.

What’s confusing is I normally don’t have a problem deleing folders even if they HAVE items in it…So, I am baffled.

I do not use AceFTP, but I am sure the following instructions provided by the makers of AceFTP on their site will make sense to AceFTP users.

How to ask AceFTP to show me hidden files? This configuration is in each site properties. Go in the properties of your site, in the GENERAL tab… you’ll see a line named “Listing parameter”, check the box to Override ancestor’s values… then check the line “Show hidden files”.
Just below that, also check the line “Hide files beginning with a .”, and uncheck the “Enabled” line below.
End quote.

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LOL! Marsbar, ya beat me to it again.

One google search led to this page too:

…which seems to give simple directions.


Oh wow! Thanks so much, It was quite simple and it worked. I feel like an idiot because I didn;t think it had anything to do with hidden files…Because normally I can just click a folder and delete it…and then it auto deletes whatever is in that folder…But I guess it can’t delete what it can’t see huh?

Thanks guys, yer life savers! :slight_smile: