Unable to register with available domain name

I’m trying to set up an account with one of DreamHost’s plans and a particular domain name. This name is listed as available when I go here http://www.dreamhost.com/domains.html, and is also listed as available at places like godaddy, whois, etc.

However, when I get to the sign up page I get the following error:

This domain “_______.com” is already in our system!
Please contact support if you’d like to do something with it and you don’t know how.

What am I doing wrong?

You are probably doing nothing wrong, but have run up against a circumstance where an existing DH user has “set-up” that domain for hosting on a Dreamhost server, without registering it.

Without it being registered, it can’t be reached via DNS, but there is nothing to prevent a user from “setting up” a domain in this way (it is just a directory on the Dreamhost system with an instance of Apache to run it.)

If the domain is actually available for registration, and you register it, just let DH know that circumstance, and they should make the domain available for hosting in your account. Without you being the registrant of the domain, you have no more right to “use” it than the other user, neither of you will be able to access it via DNS, and a registrant will have priority when it comes to the use of it on the DH systems. :wink: .