Unable to register expired domain


I tried to register on dreamhost an old domain wich expired some months ago. When I check the availability it says that the domain is already registered. But if i try with another registrar it says that is available.


you haven’t really asked a question. you haven’t told us the domain either. i suggest registering it with the other registrar if the price is the same.


Transferring domains by allowing them to expire at one register and then picking them up at another is NOT the way to do it. It never works out for you. You need to re-register it at the old place, set the nameservers to dreamhost, then after the 60 days (or whatever) go thru the domain transfer process if you really want dreamhost to be the registrar. http://wiki.dreamhost.com/Transfer_your_domain_registration_to_us Re-register at the old place and point the nameservers to dreamhost allows you to host the domain at dreamhost.


First, thanks for the answers.

Sorry, the question was: why?

I know, but the domain expired more than two months ago because i didn’t need it anymore. It was the website for a small community with users living mainly in my town, and it no longer exists.
Now with some friends, we decided to bring the site back to life.

For me it would be very practical to register the domain with dreamhost, because i already have other domains registered and I could manage averithing from the same panel.

Aniway only one registrar said that the domain is free, but it was an error. I checked with oteher registrars and the domain results to be in status “pendingDelete”.

Can i wait for some time and let the domain definitely expire, or is better to register back with the old registrar and then transfer the domain?
I don’t think that anyone would claim the domain because it isn’t of any particular commercial interest.

Bye, Dario


The whole process from expiration to deletion is around 75 days, assuming nothing is changed since the last time I researched this.

The domain may not have any commercial interest, but consider squatters anyway. They are automated, they don’t care what the name is, they buy domain names in bulk for next to nothing all with the hope that “since this name was registered it must be worth something to somebody”. I’m sure you know the page types, you navigate to the domain and you get a generic search page also populated with some automatically determined links on related subjects. The more hits that page gets the more valuable the domain is, and the squatter knows that, so they monitor it. Then pretty soon someone contacts them and says “I want to buy this name it appears you aren’t really using it, how much?” The answer depends on how much human traffic has been hitting that generic search page.

If you really want the domain get it back before it’s released. Some/most registrar’s charge more tho to reclaim it after 30-40 days from expiration.

This article is old and may contain some outdated, but it’s a good read: http://www.mikeindustries.com/blog/archive/2005/03/how-to-snatch-an-expiring-domain and I don’t think it’s too much different today.


Ok, got it!
I will register with the old registrar and eventually transfer to dreamhost.

Thank you very much.