Unable to receive panel pasword reset e-mail


I’ve been trying to reset my password for the panel. I go to this page and enter my e-mail but I never receive anything from Dreamhost. I’ve tried this several times, have been through my spam folder each time, and I’ve waited for minutes, hours, even several days between attempts. To contact Dreamhost support, I must be logged in so I don’t see a way of contacting them, and the only e-mail address I can find rejects my e-mails since I don’t have an open ticket already. Is there an alternate way to reset my password, or at least to contact Dreamhost support without having to log in?

Thank you!

use this form http://www.dreamhost.com/contact/

pick the password option in the dropdown

Thank you so much!

So I’ve tried contacting them via this form, I actually sent a couple e-mails…It’s been a week and they still haven’t responded. Is this a normal delay time for Dreamhost? Is their any other way to contact them aside from fax or snail mail?

I can check on the status of you ticket for you. :slight_smile: You can private message me by clicking the “Email” link here. Just send me the email address you wrote in from and I can look for it for you.

Have you tried clearing your cache or trying another browser before attempting to reset the password yet?

I also do apologize for the delay; our support team has been a bit backed up this week. :confused: